In todays green industry, time, resources and staff are all important factors for success. However labor is hard to find, retain and finance. Automation is a key component in order to cut production costs, and establish efficient and uniform production methods.

And, that is exactly the need that the latest patent pending innovation from Ellepot has been developed to solve. It is aimed at the customers that already have existing Ellepot machinery and new customers looking at the most feasible way to upscale production while saving the man power in the process.

Features and points for TF1:

  • High value at low cost
  • High capacity – Up to 9,000 pots per hour
  • User friendly color touch interface
  • Remote service support via LAN connection.
  • Customized for pots and trays (One pot and one tray)
  • Clean tray (limited with soil in tray after filling)
  • Extra features driller, dibbler, irrigation units and tray handlers to create a fully automatic setup

Ellepot Tray Filler machine

The new patent pending TF-1 will be introduced at IPM in Essen January 23-26, 2018 



CEO Lars Steen Pedersen explains:

“We’ve listened to our customers and the market, and tried to rethink the way we do machinery for smaller and upcoming nurseries, simply by addressing the need of automatization. Our new Ellepot Tray Filler TF1, automatically insert and fill propagation trays with Ellepot. This step easily saves 1-2 persons from the process. The new TF-1 is easily connected to our assortment of semi-automatic machines. The TF-1 is developed for single pipe production lines, but we are already planning the launch of a TF2 model that will be able to insert and fill pots from double production lines like the H-112 machine in the Spring 2018. I am very happy to reveal that both of these models will be available at very interesting prices".


All the features, all the options – no compromises

Although being introduced at a competitive pricing, this does not set any limits for the customer. Mr. Pedersen is quick to state, that there is no compromise in quality or options when it comes to this brand new innovation. “The TF1 fills the Ellepot carefully, softly and uniform in the trays, while still maintaining a high capacity up to 9.000 pots per hour. This is an important feature which we has been a “must-have” in the development process. Furthermore, the full customization that Ellepot is widely known for is available for TF1 including drillers, dibblers, irrigation units and tray handlers to create a fully automatic setup with complete process handling. With a fully customized set-up, it is possible to run a complete Ellepot production with just 1 person.

To finish off the interview, Mr.Pedersen also had some news about the the new TF-1 that makes servicing easier for the customer. “A new exciting feature the TF1 machine is prepared for LAN Connection for Remote HMI Support by the Ellepot service department. With this new feature we now have the possibility to help customers even better by identifying problems much quicker and easier, ultimatively reducing down times and keeping the customers production running smoothly ”