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Our planet is facing many challenges – the changing climate and depletion of natural resources call for innovative technology that can help us produce crops more efficiently, smarter, and cheaper. At Ellepot, we try to make a difference and to help our customers do things smarter. Smarter for the environment, and smarter for business.

With Ellepot and our integrated Ellepot propagation system, germination of all kinds of crops can be done in a smarter and more efficient way than other current propagation methods allow. With Ellepot, you can grow more with less, and we think this is the way to ‘Grow Smarter’ now and in the future. 

Our vision is to help our customers improve production efficiency, optimize handling and deliver increased yields and lower costs of goods produced. All this by using the Ellepot propagation System.

Our core business is to develop and manufacture customized Ellepot machines, specially developed papers, and propagation trays for the Ellepot system.  Ellepot has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the development and production of customized solutions for the horticulture worldwide.

With more than 98% of the production exported, Ellepot is today a strong player on the global market with customers and partners in more than 130 countries worldwide. With headquarters and production facilities in Denmark, Ellepot is also supplied by additional sales offices in China, Brazil, and Australia. In addition, we have an international partner network providing local support and know-how.

Ellepot is owned by Kirk Kapital A/S and Karsten Ree Holding A/S who acquired the company in 2021.



CEO/Managing Director