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A mission to minimise the use of plastic in the FORESTRY industry sparked a partnership between Indonesian AG supplies company MASSGRO and Ellepot in 2015. Today, this Ellepot partner has introduced the Ellepot system to the wider Indonesian agricultural industry.

With its off-the-charts benefits, such as 90% plastic reduction, significantly reduced propagation times, optimised cost-effectiveness in nurseries and faster in-field establishment due to reduced transplant shock, the Ellepot system has rapidly gained recognition in Indonesia as the leader in cutting-edge propagation systems.
MASSGRO specialises in providing market-leading and sustainable agricultural systems and solutions to the Indonesian agricultural industry.

“At Massgro, we supply and build fully integrated agricultural systems including greenhouses, irrigation design & installation, and various plant production containers such as trays & tubes with the core being the Ellepot Propagation System.
Our primary goal is to help our customers produce top quality, uniform, ready to plant seedlings in the most cost-effective and sustainable system possible,” says Budi Satria, Directorat Massgro.

Massgro’s collaboration with Ellepot started in 2015 with the intention to advance sustainable forestry propagation in Indonesia. With quick uptake in the forestry industry, the Ellepot system’s benefits were soon realised, and as a result, the collaboration has since successfully expanded into Indonesia’s wider agricultural market.

Our partnerships are an important foundation for us and enable us to be the leader in providing the most effective and sustainable technological agriculture solutions here in Indonesia. As a key part in our Smart Agriculture Integrated System, the Ellepot system has made it possible for us to get to this position”
Satria explains.

Ellepot continues working closely with the team at Massgro to provide a market-leading sustainable propagation system to the Indonesian agricultural industry.

We believe that the nursery plays a key role in a plantation business. With the Ellepot propagation technology, our clients obtain increased nursery control. The cost of production materials in relation to the extremely low mortality rates is one of the key features making the Ellepot system so popular with Indonesian growers.

Budi Satrias