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Ellepot is implementing industry 4.0 technology with two companies in Italy, partnering Trendpack and customer ViGo. The projecs are co-funded by government grants - popular concept in countries worldwide.

For these projects, three of our fully automatic EPM machines have been equipped with two-way communicative devices, transporting data between the companies´ ERP or management systems and the touchscreens on the machines. This way, orders for trays of premade Ellepots can be looked up directly on the touchscreen, while production data from the machine is sent directly into the company's ERP system.

Ellepot Live, our production management app now also allows users to gather and transfer production data for analytical purposes - a feature developed to take into account the specific industry 4.0 requirements for the two projects in Italy.

Furthermore, it was on this occasion that Ellepot Live was installed on one of the larger Ellepot Systems, the EPM. Going forward, Ellepot Live will now be available for both new EPMs and Ellepot FlexAIR machines -and we are able to work around any special features for the app that makes it live up to country-specific Industry 4.0 requirements.  

Want to know more?

Any question regarding Industry 4.0 upgrades with Ellepot can be directed to our Quality Manager, Brian Vinbech.