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Ellepot Guatemala, SWECA, recently visited Ellepot’s headquarters and production site in Denmark.
Along for the visit was a Guatemalan customer who has been growing with the Ellepot system and technology for some time already, and now wishes to expand their already massive operations even further and invest in more equipment from Ellepot to propagate trees as part of their process and sustainability profile. 

While the customer’s core business is mining, they are dedicated to sustaining their mining areas through reforestation projects. Reforesting areas with millions upon millions of native trees secures springs and water ways, which in turn sustain a biodiverse environment for the benefit of both flora, fauna, and local communities. Ultimately, this mining company recognizes that their own ability to sustain their business rests upon a thriving environment, and this is their incentive to push forward with a high focus on sustainability. As a global supplier of their mined products, this company wants to ensure that.


Sustaining biodiversity through reforestation prevents depletion of resources that might lead to desertification, and in turn depopulation of areas. In many other locations in the world, we are witnessing this kind of devastating depletion of material and human resources, so we are very proud to see Ellepot playing a part in this sustainable and growing success in Guatemala.