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Ellepot Direct Filling – an innovation from Ellepot – is a customized version of our system, specially developed for hydroponic farming where the pots are filled directly and automatically into the gutters that carry the plants from seeding to harvest.

Building on our almost 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality propagation systems, Ellepot Direct Filling has been well-tested and is already up-and-running in several production facilities across Europe and in the US, where hydroponic growers have welcomed this highly efficient and reliable solution.

For hydroponic farming especially, it makes extremely good sense to go with Ellepot – not only can we provide you with an alternative to plastic pots, but our system also improves your waste handling process and reduces costs. We have several different propagation papers and membranes in our selection, allowing you to choose the one that fits your crop and overall production.

I am really thankful for your great machine and good team. I'm very happy about my good decision to choose your company as the first (very important) part of our lettuce production. Your equipment is unbelievably great, with the quality of long-time experience and a good team.

Evaldas Masevičius, Lithuania.

Lithuanian company Evaldo Daržovės is the first in Eastern Europe to own the newest hydroponic growing technology and system from Ellepot, Ellepot Direct Filling for Hydroponics. 

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For growers who have switched to Ellepot for their existing system, the following benefits have been achieved:

  • Cost-savings on pots, as Ellepot are cheaper than plastic pots to produce.
  • Reduction of plastic in the production.
  • No plastic pots to remove after production/harvest.
  • Savings on handling and logistics.
  • Increased sustainability in production.
  • Better quality plants.
  • Faster and healthier root development.
  • Shorter production cycle.
  • Improved plant growth success rates.
  • Higher uniformity of plants.