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The Ellepot GLOBAL 10+ paper is made of wood fibers from well-managed, FSC™-certified forests and other controlled and renewable sources, with an admixture of polyester for reinforcement.

This paper is characterized by a new technology – a delicate composition of wood fibres provide a unique netting structure that allows for extra airflow and air-pruning abilities. 

The structure and decomposing time (10+ months) of Ellepot GLOBAL 10+ makes it perfect for almost all types of crops with a longer production circle before plant-out or step-up.


The raw materials in GLOBAL 10+ Paper are carefully sourced according to standard environmental compliance in the industry.


Intelligent additive:
No fungicide is added.

Decomposition time:
Timeline for GLOBAL 10+ Paper to degrade in months: 
10+ months.


Ellepot Global is ideal for almost all types of crops with a longer production cycle before plant-out or step-up.

Ellepot Global Paper pot

Fibre web design:

This product is characterized by a new technology and composition of wood fibres that provide a very fine and unique netting which gives extra airflow through the paper.

The result is that Ellepot Global provides fragile roots with excellent protection and lets the roots grow perfectly through after transplanting with little or no transplant shock.



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The FSC™ label ensures that the forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources.