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H 111 Machine Intro Text


High reliability and low maintenance are keywords for this semi-automatic Ellepot machine. H-111 is perfect for smaller scaled operations where only one size pot/plug is required. We customise your H-111 pot size in a range between Ø15 - Ø50 mm.

  • Pot diameter: Diameter from 15 - 50 mm
  • Pot length: Adjustable up to 240 mm
  • Machine capacity/hour: Up to 9,000 pots (Depends on pot size and peat)
510X400 Ellepot Machine H111

Perfect for smaller scaled operations where only one size pot/plug is required. 

510X400 Ellepot Machine H111 Single Line

Single production line.

510X400 Ellepot Tray 032GLOBAL

Produce Ellepots in diameter from ø15-50 mm.



With the H-112 you can increase your manufacturing production capacity up to 18,000 pots per hour. A step up from the H-111, the H-112 has an additional pipe, so two pipes in total, and is developed for higher capacity and flexibility. The two production lines can be equipped with two different diameters for flexibility or the same diameter for high-speed production.

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Click on the pot diameter of your choice to view our selection of trays.

Propagation trays that promote healthy, air pruning of roots are an essential component in the Ellepot System. Our knowledge and experience in developing propagation trays comes from working in close collaboration with Ellepot customers around the world to develop the best solutions possible.