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Ellepot Tray AIR100008 Intro Text

Specially designed for jumbo Ellepots
- Ideal for fruit trees, nuts, landscape tree and shrub propagation.

510X400 Ellepot Tray Air100008 (1) An 8 cell tray for 100mm Ellepots, is a versatile option for landscape crops and native plants.
510X400 Ellepot Tray Air100008 Ellepot Diameter(mm): 100
Ellepot Length(mm): 100
Cylinder Volume(ml/cm): 1021
510 X 400 Ellepot Tray AIR100008 By volume this Air Tray® offers a great alternative to plastic pots, coming with the added benefits for landscapers looking to increase their transplanting speed and reduce the amount of plastic they have to dispose of following a project.
Tray dimension (LxW): 
540x280 mm/21x11 inch.  
jumbo Ø100_8huller.png
A perfect container system For Landscape crops and Native plants

  • Thermoformed
  • Tray cells: 8
  • Tray dimensions (LxW): 540x280 mm / 21x11 inch
  • Ellepot diameter: 100 mm
  • Ellepot length: 100 mm
  • Pots pr. m2 (full tray) = 53
  • Tray per pallet: 1440