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The Ellepot Fruit Trees 8-12 paper is made of wood fibers from well-managed, FSC™-certified forests and other controlled and renewable sources, with an admixture of polyester for reinforcement.

The Ellepot Fruit Trees 8-12 paper is environmentally friendly and degradable.

Ellepot Fruit Trees 8-12 paper is certified according to the highest environmental industry standards.

Grow stronger and in more uniform shapes

The special characteristics in the paper provides fragile roots an excellent protection and let roots grow perfectly through after transplanting without transplant shock.

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Environmentally friendly:
Approved Class II (Non-Hazardous), according to Brazilian standard BRN 10.004 Environment and health standard.


Decomposition time:
Timeline for Fruit Trees Paper to degrade in months: 
8 - 12 months.

Fibre web design:
The special pattern provide fragile roots an excellent protection and let them grow through after transplanting. It will substantiate a fibrous root development and air pruning.

The product is widely used for fruit trees with medium propagation time.


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The FSC™ label ensures that the forest products used are from responsibly harvested and verified sources.

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Veriflora is an agricultural sustainability certification and eco-labeling program recognized as the gold-standard in the floriculture and horticulture industries.